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VCSEL water vapor QA/QC data from NSF SOCRATES campaign

Readme file for using the VCSEL water vapor data


The VCSEL water vapor 1-Hz and 25-Hz data from the NSF SOCRATES campaign have been processed based on laboratory calibrations conducted by Minghui Diao in the summer of 2018. After the calibration, statistical distributions of in-cloud relative humidity has improved 3% - 5% compared with the original data hosted at EOL directory. 


Because of the time and effort spent in QA/QC this water vapor dataset, please consider offering co-authorship, if you decide to use this PI-based calibrated data.


If you have questions regarding the data, please contact the PI (Minghui Diao) at

Description of the VCSEL Calibration by M. Diao in 2018 (view presentation slides below)
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