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Observations and Simulations of


This project focuses on cloud characteristics, radiation and aerosol indirect effects on clouds over Antarctica. Using the DOE/NSF AWARE  field campaign observations, we evaluate several global climate models for their representations of ice and mixed-phase clouds, aerosol-cloud interaction, and the surface radiation budget.


Antarctic Clouds

Based on the AWARE campaign observations, we evaluate the NCAR CESM and DOE E3SM climate models. This project is funded by US DOE Atmospheric System Research (ASR) grant #DE-SC0021211 and NSF Office of Polar Programs (OPP) grant #1744965.

The NCAR CESM2/CAM6 model nudged simulations during the AWARE campaign around McMurdo Station, Antarctica, can be downloaded here:


Radiation Budget

Using ground-based observations from the DOE/NSF AWARE campaign at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, we will examine the cloud characteristics at various synoptic conditions and the associated cloud radiative effects. This study aims to improve the understanding of the role of clouds in Antarctic warming.

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